Changing Times and Virtuality in International Student Recruitment

Changing Times and Virtuality in International Student Recruitment

It is no secret, travel has become problematic in today’s world. Travel advisories issued by consulates caused by security concerns are making it harder for international recruiters to decide on a recruitment trip to certain parts of the world. Unexpected last minute developments such as a terrorist attack do hurt a carefully scheduled recruitment plan. Moreover, in such vulnerable countries demand for international education increases dramatically, parents seeking for a safe and stable education environment and future for their kids.

Turkey is, unfortunately, a good example. The latest developments in the country and the region makes it harder for international educators to easily decide on a trip to recruit Turkish students.

Mezun has been actively working with universities looking to recruit from Turkey, for the past 17+ years. We have supported over 1000 universities, colleges and language schools. Being the only organization in the region that is not an agency working on commissions, we offer unbiased online & offline platforms for students and parents. This unique positioning brought us a huge community of prospective students and parents. We constantly look for innovative ways to directly connect universities with our community.

Taking into account the changing times, we have been focusing on virtual solutions in order to offer flexible yet efficient solutions to partner institutions.

Mezun’s unique “semi-virtual” student events & Mezun Virtual Reality are two concepts that we have developed during the course of past 1,5 years. Below you can find more info about both. Feel free to drop me a line for any additional information.

“Semi-virtual” student events:

A unique virtual fair model that offers institutions virtual attendance while students and parents attend the venue physically. Our hybrid model gives institutions the option to attend physically or virtually while still meeting face to face with students and families who physically attend the fair and show interest.

We provide a booth for all attending institutions. If the institution officer prefers not to travel to Turkey, they can connect to their booth at the fair venue, which deploys a video conferencing terminal with dedicated internet connection. A trained Mezun staff member mans the booth in order to facilitate the conversation between the institution’s officer and the booth visiting student/parent, offer translation services if need be and provide tech support when required.

The very first virtual fair of Turkey was held by Mezun in official partnership with the U.S. Embassy, Education USA and Fulbright Commission. The opening speech was delivered virtually on video by the U.S.A. Ambassador to Turkey, John Bass. It was highly efficient for attending universities as well as the students. We apply the very same concept for our exclusive receptions as well.

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 Mezun VR:

Watching a 2D video, as useful as it is, can’t go past being a ‘moving picture’. We can share the information with it, but we can’t share the ‘experience’.This is where 360° Videos come in. With the mobility of smart phones and power of head mounted displays (HMDs), it is now possible to share a fully immersive ‘experience’ with your target audience around the world.

In early 2016, we launched MezunVR, offering Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Tools for Recruitment of Students. It is brought to life in exclusive partnership with our sister company, VR Masters ( and is the only brand in the world that specializes exclusively in educational institutions.

The most popular VR service we offer is 360 VR Campus Tour Videos, through which your prospective students can see and feel your campus even before they arrive. Please see for VR & AR services we offer.

As Mezun Group, we have always been on top of technology in all our business lines, and international recruitment is no exception. We are constantly innovating, do expect to see more soon!