Current Situation in Turkey and Mezun’s Hybrid Virtual Events

Current Situation in Turkey and Mezun’s Hybrid Virtual Events

As many of you may have followed on the news, the uncertain times in Turkey will meet an important milestone at the referendum scheduled to take place on April 16th 2017. Whether the outcome will be in favor of a ‘presidency’ system, replacing the ‘parliamentary’ system, or not, the turmoil is expected to ease down.

The interest in study abroad among Turkish students has dramatically increased since last summer. This is a trend to be expected at times of uncertainty, especially in countries like Turkey, where parents put their kids’ education and career at utmost importance. We have more students wanting to study abroad or families wanting their kids to study abroad.
This situation brings a bittersweet opportunity for institutions looking to recruit students from Turkey. Mezun’s online platforms’ traffic peaked 3.2 times higher than the average spring term. On the other hand, a vast majority of institutions who usually come to Turkey for recruitment, have been deterred from coming to the country and are hesitant to travel until they feel safer.

In an effort to overcome concerns of travel, we have come up with a hybrid fair model, where educators may opt in to attend the event via 2 way video conference. This is a brand new concept and the very first Hybrid Virtual fair of Turkey was held successfully in December, in official partnership with the US Embassy in Turkey, Education USA and The Fulbright Commission. You can see the coverage of the event here. The next “Hybrid Virtual Fair” will take place on October 19, 2017. For more info please visit:

The same concept is available for Exclusive Receptions, Mezun’s white glove, invitation only, one day long recruitment event that is designed for an individual partner institution. Please see:
We feel Mezun’s calling is more relevant today than it was when we began in 1999 —to provide the young people of Turkey an opportunity for a global education and a brighter future. We urge you to remain committed to the recruitment of Turkish students and stand by to offer assistance in any way, whether through fairs or any other means you see fit.
You can always check further detailed information regarding Turkey and travel information below: