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Welcome to Mezun Group, your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of modern business. We specialize in providing top-tier Technology Advisory & Executive Training Services and International Business Consulting Services, designed to help organizations achieve their strategic and operational goals.

Our History

Since its inception, Mezun Group has been a trailblazer in the international education sector. The company launched one of the first internet start-ups in 1999 and continued its pioneering journey by being the first educational portal to add 360 VR campus tours and augmented brochures to its services in 2015.

Mezun.com quickly grew into one of the largest international education platforms in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia. Within its first five years, the platform became a leading generator of prospective student leads for US and UK institutions. Recognized for its rapid growth, the company was selected as the fastest-growing company in the Baltimore-Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area.

Over time, Mezun expanded its offerings to provide comprehensive information on language institutes, community colleges, technical and agricultural colleges, universities, and advanced degrees. In 2014, the company ventured into offline marketing and recruitment, hosting its first on-the-ground event for Community Colleges in the US. This initiative evolved into large student recruitment fairs, agency workshops, and exclusive receptions. In 2016, Mezun Group partnered with Education USA, the US Commercial Service, Public Affairs, and the Fulbright Commission to organize several on-the-ground “study in the US” fairs along with the first Hybrid Virtual Fair of Turkey in collaboration with the US Embassy in Turkey.

In 2019, Mezun Group further diversified its services by adding Technology Advisory & Executive Training Services and International Business Consulting Services. These new offerings have since become a major revenue source, especially during the pandemic.

Technology Advisory & Executive Training Services

At Mezun Group, our Technology Advisory & Executive Training Services are at the forefront of XR and AI technologies. With our co-founders being pioneers in the XR world, we bring unparalleled expertise to our clients. Our comprehensive services include ongoing guidance, strategic orientation, and relationship-based advisory, ensuring your organization remains ahead in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

We also offer Executive Training Services, featuring half-day or full-day events that blend insightful awareness seminars on generative AI and XR with hands-on experiences in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) using state-of-the-art headsets. These workshops are tailored to enhance strategic thinking and promote professional development for executives, fostering a forward-thinking leadership team through immersive and engaging learning experiences.

International Business Consulting Services

Our Business Consulting division specializes in international business consulting, specifically focusing on two key markets:

1- Companies located in the US interested in doing business in Turkey
2- Companies located in Turkey interested in doing business in the US

At Mezun Group, we are committed to excellence, leveraging our deep industry knowledge to build lasting relationships with our clients. Whether you need strategic technology guidance, executive training, or international business consulting, we are here to help you navigate and succeed in a dynamic business landscape.
Join us at Mezun, where innovation meets expertise, and let’s achieve greatness together.

Our Approach

At Mezun Group, we are not just keeping pace with technological advancements; we are leading the way. Our Technology Advisory & Executive Training Services place us at the forefront of XR and AI innovation, providing clients with strategic guidance and immersive training experiences that drive business success.

With our International Business Consulting Services, we bridge the gap between US and Turkish markets, offering expert advice and fostering strong, lasting business relationships. Our deep industry knowledge and commitment to excellence ensure that your business thrives in a global landscape.

Discover the power of cutting-edge technology and strategic international business consulting with Mezun Group. Whether you seek to harness the potential of XR and AI or expand your business across borders, we have the expertise and resources to make it happen. Join us, and let’s achieve greatness together.

meet the team

Meet Our Co-founders

Ali C. Hantal

A serial entrepreneur, an education and technology enthusiast, Ali is a Turkish American, who was one of the first entrepreneurs to start an internet start-up in 1999. His appetite for technology never dimmed, and he became one of the first entrepreneurs to start an XR company in 2015 as well. He is the co-founder at Mezun Group and is the founder at XR Masters.

Ali is also a co-organizer of AWE Nite Istanbul at Augmented World Expo (AWE), Principal Member at the Metaverse Standards Forum, which provides a venue for cooperation between standards organizations and companies to foster the development of interoperability standards for an open and inclusive metaverse; and a Board Member at Open AR Cloud Association (OARC), a global non-profit organization with a mission of democratizing the real world metaverse by supporting the development of open and interoperable spatial computing technology, data and standards.  Ali also sits at the regional board of directors at at DEIK/DTIK World Turkish Business Council.


Mr. Hantal hosted the first international educational YouTube channel for 6 years (Mezun TV), and while living in Silicon Valley, was a co-host for a popular Turkish TV-show in 2013-2015 providing daily updates from the global tech hub.  

Ali received his MBA at University of Baltimore and received his bachelor’s degree in business administration at Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey.

Dogan is a performance-driven senior executive with over 25 years of experience in high-level corporate operations, including sales, business development, product management, project management, and CRM. 

A pioneer in the spatial computing sector, he possesses a deep understanding of the software and hardware aspects of XR technologies. Dogan is adept at applying the latest technological advancements to various business use cases, consistently developing innovative, efficient, and high-ROI solutions.

Dogan is a co-founder at Mezun Group, the Turkey Country Manager at XR Masters, a leader in XR technology headquartered in Delaware with offices in Washington DC, Oslo, and Istanbul.

An alumnus of the esteemed Tarsus American High School, Dogan furthered his education by earning a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Affairs from Istanbul University and obtaining an MBA from the University of Baltimore.
Dogan Dogan

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