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We specialize in providing unparalleled Technology Advisory & Executive Training Services, equipping leaders with the skills and insights needed to thrive in an ever-evolving digital world.

Technology Advisory & Executive Training Services

Our Technology Advisory & Executive Training Services are centered on XR and AI technologies. We are experts in these fields, with our co-founders being pioneers in the XR world.

Our services include:

  • Ongoing Guidance
  • Strategic Orientation
  • Broad Perspective
  • Proactive Support
  • Relationship-Based Advisory
  • Board Advisory
  • Financial Advisory

Additionally, we offer Executive Training Services, featuring half-day or full-day events that combine insightful awareness seminars on generative AI and XR with hands-on experiences in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) using state-of-the-art headsets. These workshops are designed to enhance strategic thinking and promote professional development for executives. Join us in fostering a forward-thinking leadership team through immersive, fun and learning experiences.

International Business Consulting Services

Our Business Consulting division specializes in international business consulting, specifically targeting two key markets:

1. Companies and educational institutions located in the US interested in expanding their reach in Turkey
2. Companies and educational institutions located in Turkey interested in expanding their reach in the US

At Mezun, we are committed to excellence, leveraging our deep industry knowledge to build lasting relationships with our clients. Whether you need strategic technology guidance, executive training, international business consulting or international student recruitment consulting, we are here to help you navigate and succeed in a dynamic business landscape.


At Mezun Group, we distinguish ourselves through our expertise in XR (Extended Reality) and AI technologies, led by co-founders who are pioneers in the XR domain. Our comprehensive services include ongoing guidance, strategic orientation, and proactive support, all tailored to provide a broad perspective and relationship-based advisory. Additionally, our Executive Training Services offer immersive workshops combining generative AI insights with hands-on experiences in AR and VR, using cutting-edge technology to elevate executive leadership.

Mezun Group specializes in International Business Consulting, focusing on facilitating business between the US and Turkey. Whether you’re a US-based company seeking opportunities in Turkey or a Turkish company aiming to enter the US market, our consulting services provide strategic guidance tailored to navigate cultural nuances, regulatory environments, and market dynamics in both regions. We are committed to fostering successful international ventures through our deep industry knowledge and extensive network.

Our Board Advisory services at Mezun Group offer invaluable insights and strategic counsel to corporate boards and executive teams. With a focus on enhancing governance, decision-making processes, and long-term planning, we help organizations achieve sustainable growth and competitive advantage. Our relationship-based advisory approach ensures that clients receive personalized support aligned with their specific goals and challenges.

Mezun Group’s Executive Training Services are designed to empower leaders with the latest insights and practical skills needed to navigate today’s complex business landscape. Our half-day and full-day workshops feature deep dives into generative AI and XR technologies, complemented by hands-on experiences in AR and VR. These immersive sessions not only foster strategic thinking but also promote professional development among executives, equipping them to drive innovation and achieve organizational excellence.

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